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Language disorders can impact using and understanding language. Difficulty using and understanding language can make it challenging to participate in school, work, and social conversations. Language therapy involves treating impacted areas of language to improve comprehension and verbal expression.

Expressive language involves using language to communicate. Receptive language refers to comprehension of language. Language is comprised of five main components: syntax (sentence structure), semantics (word meanings; vocabulary), morphology (word structure), pragmatics (social language), and phonology (rules of speech sounds).

If you or a loved one has difficulty with any of the following, contact us to schedule a free consultation:

  • Forming complete sentences

  • Using diverse vocabulary

  • Defining words

  • Using appropriate verb tense

  • Recalling and retelling events from the day

  • Following multistep directions

  • Understanding figurative language (i.e., idioms, similes, etc.)

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